The CLausen Gallery
Fresno, CA


Hello everyone! Our names are Matt and Jessica Clausen and we are professional photographers located in Fresno, California. Through our combined love of photography we created The Clausen Gallery, the Central Valley’s top choice for affordable, high quality wedding imaging. 

Matt has been passionate about photography for well over a decade, and has chosen to make it his full-time career! Having been a head photographer for nearly 100 weddings, Matt is sure to capture every moment to perfection, making sure that no detail or moment is left behind. 

Jessica has extensive experience across several industries, including numerous years as a service professional and design enthusiast. Taking on her many roles such as second shooter, camera assistant, service manager and designer, Jessica’s incredible range of talents allow her to be a vital asset for any wedding need.

Every shoot or wedding we embark upon is seen as a wonderful adventure, an opportunity to meet and interact with new people, visit unfamiliar places, experience things only ever dreamed of, and create memories that will last everyone a lifetime!

Each occasion is viewed as a delightful new challenge to outdo our previous works, and raise our performance to a higher level of creativity and commitment for both our clients and ourselves.

We are thoroughly excited to meet and work with you, and look forward to helping you achieve your vision for all of life’s special moments and events. Thank you for taking the time to view our work! 

Let’s create something unforgettable!


Matt and Jessica